AFR - Anders Fredrik Regnell

FJBPC - Fundação Jardim Botânico de Poços de Caldas
Departamento Técnico e Cientifico (DTC)
Rua Paulo de Oliveira, 320, Parque Véu das Noivas
Poços de Caldas - MG - Brazil

The herbarium of the Poços de Caldas Botanical Garden Foundation, named Anders Fredrik Regnell (AFR), began its activities in 2010. It was named after the Swedish physician and botanist, Anders Fredrik Regnell, who lived 43 years in Caldas. Performing the study and cataloging of plants and animals in the region, he was responsible for the classification of more than 2000 specimens, organizing one of the largest botanical studies conducted so far in Brazil. The Anders Fredrik Regnell Herbarium (AFR) documents, through exscicata and spirit (in liquid medium), the diversity of plants (vascular and avascular) and fungi. Its collection emphasizes the flora of the Poços de Caldas (MG) Plateau and region, where most of its collection is composed of specimens from the Atlantic Forest physiognomic forms, these being Altitude Field, Seasonal Semideciduous Forest and Mixed Ombrophylous Forest. The herbarium has the responsibility to evidence and update the occurrence of regional species on some degree of threat from its database, thus serving as an important tool in conservation.

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