CAUFC - Coleção de Abelhas da Universidade Federal do Ceará

UFC - Universidade Federal do Ceará
Departamento de Zootecnia
Avenida Mister Hull, 2977 - Bloco 808 - Campus do Pici
Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

The Entomologic Collection of Bee Laboratory of the Federal University of Ceará aims to preserve specimens of bees and other insects related to them sampled in research from the Group of Research with Bee-Plant Interaction for Pollination and Production (GPA). The bee collection comprises 13834 specimens, and is very important in the preservation of specimens of bees and insects related to them for further studies and to build the historic knowledge about the bees' biodiversity with occurrence in Ceará, mainly, and in Brazil.

Online since: 12/12/2022
Last update: 04/10/2023

Number of records

Total: 13,834
Online: 13,945
Georeferenced: 58
(by municipality: 1,333)
With images: 31

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Coleção de Abelhas da Universidade Federal do Ceará, CAUFC


Director or head of department:
Andréa Pereira Pinto
Breno Magalhães Freitas
Leonardo dos Santos Gurgel
Scholarship holder:
Janaely Silva Pereira