CBVS - Coleção Biológica de Vespas Sociais

IFSULDEMINAS - Instituto Federal Sul de Minas Gerais
IFSULDEMINAS-Inconfidentes - Instituto Federal Sul de Minas Gerais - Campus Inconfidentes
Laboratório de Zoologia
Inconfidentes - MG - Brazil

The collection of social wasps is in flux and has 94 species in 14 genera, which amounts to 1/3 of the Brazilian fauna. Seven states sampled, with 30 new records for the state of Minas Gerais, and a type series, new species collected in the eastern state.

Online since: 10/09/2014
Last update: 09/03/2023

Number of records

Total: 6,197
Online: 9,723
Georeferenced: 861
(by municipality: 2,261)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

The information collection are available in open access, however the information used as a source of research, including images of the species, CBVS collection should be cited, being vetoed commercialization of data and images available.

How to cite

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Marcos Magalhães de Souza