CECA - Coleção Entomológica do Curso de Agronomia

UEMA - Universidade Estadual do Maranhão
Departamento de Fitotecnia e Fitossanidade
Cidade Universitária Paulo VI, s/n, Tirirical
São Luís - MA - Brazil

Brief history of the Entomological Agronomy Collection

The Entomological Agronomy collection of Maranhão State University (UEMA) was created simultaneously with the Laboratory of Entomology on March 28, 1978 (Service Order no. 064/1974 of the Secretary of Agriculture of Maranhão State). This collection currently features 184 entomological boxes containing approximately 5,000 specimens via seca e 300 specimens via úmida. Specimens cover mainly the orders Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Mantodea, Blattodea, Odonata, Orthoptera. The collection also features 110 microscope slides with phytophageous and/or predatory mites por box.
This entomologic collection is of strategic importance, as it contains specimens collected throughout the state of Maranhão as well as from other parts of Brazil, over an extended time-period. The true importance of biological collections for science and culture has passed unperceived for long time. All specimens of our collection contain associated infos on location, host-plant, nutritional status, feeding behavior and other key environmental variables. Our collection forms a data-base for the appreciation of regional abundance and diversity of the entomofauna.

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Ester Azevedo do Amaral
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