CESC - Coleção Entomológica de Santa Cruz do Sul

UNISC - Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul
Departamento de Biologia e Farmácia
Avenida Independência, 2293
Santa Cruz do Sul - RS - Brazil

The zoological collection started at UNISC already in the old course of Sciences and served primarily as teaching material for classes of zoology and eventually for students from Elementary or Middle schools. With the creation of the Biological Sciences course been changing gradually the profile. Also the rising number of academics science projects involving animal collection, resulted in more material deposited in the scientific collection. This was very evident with the first results of the UNISC agreement with the University of Tübingen and the Museum of Stuttgart, Germany, in 2002.
With the founding of the Laboratory of Entomology in 2001 by Prof. Dr. Andreas Köhler and space provided by the University of Santa Cruz do Sul to carry out scientific work, researches in Entomology, or arthropods in general, greatly increased; due to the importance of this researches for the region dominated by agriculture and thus needs to monitor and control insect " pests", as well as the needs of the health sciences in the identification of disease agents. Also, were signed new cooperation with national and international institutions, that facilitated the beginning of systematic and taxonomic studies on various arthropods, inducing several new entomological studies in the Central Region of Rio Grande do Sul.
Out of technical and scientific impact at the university level (undergraduate and graduate) , the entomological collection UNISC has a socio -cultural, economic and didactic impact for the region, serving as a reference collection for most insect " pests " in agricultural system in the central RS region and offers opportunities for internships / scholarships, and receive visits from external researchers and enables the exchange / loan entomological material.
In September 2013, the collection includes:
- 59223 lots of material in alcohol, totaling 2.885.759 individuals;
- 37705 recorded numbers in pinned material, totaling 37720 individuals.
It is the :
- Largest collection in the interior of RS state, with 3 million individuals, one of the two mega - collections of the state ;
- Largest collection of Vespidae, Syrphidae and Asilidae in the RS state (all material identified to the species level ) ;
- Largest collection of parasitic wasps from southern Brazil: registered by a family or species/morpho-species;
We currently have over 3 holotypes and 30 paratypes deposited in the collection .

Online since: 28/01/2014
Last update: 28/01/2014

Number of records

Total: 3,000,000
Online: 29,373
Georeferenced: 29,346
(by municipality: 22)
With images: 0

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Data of specimens available for scientific purposes, and it must quote the Collection Entomologica Santa Cruz do Sul (CESC).

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Director or head of department:
Adilson Bem da Costa
Andreas Köhler