CH - Coleção Herpetológica do Museu de História Natural da Bahia

UFBA - Universidade Federal da Bahia
MZUFBA - Museu de História Natural da Bahia
Departamento de Zoologia
Campus Universitário de Ondina;
Av. Barão de Geremoabo, n, 147
Salvador - BA - Brazil

The first reptiles at the MZUFBA were the snakes collected by Dra. Tania Brazil in 1982
during the wildlife rescue operation at the Pedra do Cavalo hydroelectric power plant. The reptile Collection of the Museu de Zoologia (CRMZUFBA) was properly founded in 1987 and grew substantially in 1988 due to the many specimens collected during a second great fauna rescue for the construction of Itaparica Dam in the São Francisco River.
Currently, the collection is composed for 5.744 Reptile specimens: 3.139 lizards, 2.561 snakes, 39 Amphisbaenids and 05 testudines.
This scientific collections are a very important sample of this great diversity and represent a cultural inheritance, providing information on the human impact over time. They are also a useful (and in many cases unique) tool for biogeographic, ecologic, taxonomic and evolutionary research.

Online since: 10/12/2015
Last update: 11/12/2015

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Total: 5,744
Online: 4,499
Georeferenced: 3,863
(by municipality: 5)
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Rejâne Maria Lira da Silva
Daniela Pinto Coellho
Milena Santos Soeiro