CMCBA - Coleção de Microorganismos do Centro de Bionegócios da Amazônia

CBA - Centro de Bionegócios da amazônia
Rua Governador Danilo de Matos Areosa, 690
Manaus - AM - Brazil

The Microorganism Collection of the Amazon Biobusiness Center (CMCBA), has maintained for 17 years, a Culture Collection with 2473 deposited and stored microorganisms, including: 1076 filamentous fungi, 1107 bacteria and 290 yeasts, isolated from plants such as: guaraná, cupuaçu,dendê, rubber tree, tucumã, rosewood, bacuri, copaíba, andiroba, among others. Among these microorganisms, we highlight bacteria and actinobacteria, with broad biotechnological potential, mainly in the production of antibiotics, enzymes, biosurfactants, bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons and also in the production of bio-inputs such as biofertilizers and biodefenses for the biological control of pests of economic importance for the region.

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Coleção de Microrganismos do Centro de Bionegócios da Amazônia (CMCBA)


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Márcio de Miranda Santos
Ingrid Reis da Silva
Rosangela Santana