CRAR - Coleção de Referência da Avifauna de Rondônia

UNIR - Universidade Federal de Rondônia
Departamento de Biologia
Campus - BR 364, Km 9,5
Porto Velho - RO - Brazil

Unique collection of the group in Rondônia State and depositary of material testimony of Madeira´s River Hidroeletric: Santo
Antônio and Jirau.It holds 4 orders, 4 families, 5 genus, 5 species and 8 specimens.

Online since: 02/02/2010
Last update: 05/02/2010

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Total: 24
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It´s obligatory to cite the source and prohibited data commercialization.

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Director or head of department:
Rubiani de Cássia Pagotto
Mariluce Rezende Messias
Alexandre Casagrande Faustino
Uecson Suendel Costa de Oliveira