CROLP-LEIPAI - Coleção de Referência de Ovos e Larvas de Peixes do Laboratório de Ecologia do Ictioplâncton e Pesca em Águas Interiores

UFOPA - Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará
Instituto de Ciências e Tecnologia das Águas
Rua Vera Paz, s/n, bloco 11, sala 04, campus Tapajós
Santarém - PA - Brazil

The reference collection of fish eggs and larvae from the Laboratory of Ichthyoplankton and Inland Fisheries Ecology (LEIPAI) is located at the Federal University of Western Pará (UFOPA), and is composed of specimens preserved in a wet way (4% formalin or 70% alcohol). The collection has been formed by the numerous research projects of PhD. Diego Maia Zacardi and currently contemplates more than 80 identified species, comprising more than 210,000 specimens of fish larvae from the Amazon. It is relevant with regard to research on ichthyoplanktonic inventories, as well as serving as a support for ecological research actions. It is a collection of regional expression composed mostly of recent material, mainly specimens captured in river systems from the northern region of Brazil, such as the state of Pará, Amazonas and Amapá, in addition to samples from the estuarine and coastal region. Much material still has a large number of species to be identified due to the complexity existing in the groups. The purpose of the collection is to serve as a reference composing the various stages of initial development of Amazonian fish species, as well as popularize the importance of scientific collections, whether for knowledge production or extension actions with the scientific and local community. The cataloging and computerization process of the collection is underway, using the Microsoft Excel database manager. The specimens and data from the collection are available to researchers as well as consultation by undergraduate and graduate students, duly authorized and accompanied by the responsible curator or technician. It is noteworthy that among the ichthyoplanktonic collections recognized in Brazil, only this one is located in the Amazon.

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Conditions for using the data

The data from the Ichthyoplankton Reference Collection are available for consultation and use subject to strict observance of the following conditions: a) in any use of the data in analyzes or publications, the proper indication of origin must be mentioned in material and methods or acknowledgments of the original data; b) the person responsible for the Ichthyoplankton Reference Collection must be notified of the situations mentioned in the previous item; c) the data, even partial, cannot be redistributed without the explicit written authorization of the person responsible for the collection; d) a copy of any publication, distributed in print or digital format, in which the data are cited, must be sent to the Laboratory of Ecology of Ichthyoplankton and Fisheries in Inland Waters (LEIPAI); e) users and their respective institutions are responsible for the proper use of the data. It is noteworthy that LEIPAI makes every effort to minimize errors in data entry, however we cannot guarantee that our database is free from typing errors, specimen identification or inaccuracies associated with them.

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Coleção de Referência de Ovos e Larvas de Peixes (CROLP), do Laboratório de Ecologia do Ictioplâncton e Pesca em Águas Interiores (LEIPAI) da Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará (UFOPA).


Director or head of department:
Lucinewton Silva de Moura
Diego Maia Zacardi
Lucas Silva de Oliveira
Maria Aparecida de Lima Suzuki
Luan Campos Imbiriba
Ruineris Almada Cajado