Convolvulaceae_BR - Convolvulaceae of Brazil

UFRPE - Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco
Laboratório de Sistemática de Angiospermas, Departamento de Biologia
Recife - PE - Brazil

These Convolvulaceae specimen data [6,960 collections; 8,867 individual specimens] from Brazil were compiled by George Staples between 2002-2015 as part of global studies of the family. The Brazil specimen records are extracted from a database consisting [in December 2015] of more than 9,100 collection records for American Convolvulaceae. These data were compiled primarily from specimens in European, UK, and USA herbaria, and secondarily from collections in Brazilian and other Latin American herbaria.

Online since: 11/12/2015
Last update: 26/04/2018

Number of records

Total: 8,867
Online: 8,867
Georeferenced: 6,705
(by municipality: 991)
With images: 78

Conditions for using the data

The specimen data are freely shared on an “as is” basis for use by students of the Convolvulaceae and other researchers.

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Convolvulaceae of Brazil


George Staples