DDMS - Herbário da Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados

UFGD - Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados
Faculdade de Ciências Biológicas e Ambientais
Dourados - MS - Brazil

he main goal of Herbarium DDMS is hold samples of the Biodiveristy in Dourados region (MS). The Herbarium DDMS is a branch of the Biodiversity Museum of the UFGD. The collection supports undergrad and postgrad scientific research of the UFGD and other institutions. Furthermore, the Herbarium DDMS supports schools thourgh environmental education and provides species determination for general community. Currently, the collection houses ca. 6000 sheets of cryptogram and phanerogam, and a small collection of fruits and seeds. Most collections were made in Cerrado and Semideciduous Seasonal forest, including Pantanal from Chaco and Deciduous Seasonal Forest from Serra da Bodoquena.

Online since: 17/08/2021
Last update: 16/05/2023

Number of records

Total: 5,000
Online: 8,387
Georeferenced: 1,855
(by municipality: 6,205)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

Data extracted from Herbarium DDMS are available following the conditions: 1) Provide acknowledgement statement if DDMS data is used in any kind; 2) The curator must be notified if DDMS data is used in any kind; 3) It is not allowed partial or complete redistribution of data whithout written authorization of the curator. A copy of any publication related to the use of DDMS data is welcome. Reseachers and their institutions are responsables by the use of the data. Herbarium DDMS does not ensure the determination and data accuracy.

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Diretor ou chefe de dept.:
Fabiano Antunes
Augusto Giaretta de Oliveira
Emerson Pereira da Silva