FCM - Fototeca Cristiano Menezes

Personal collection

Rua Itália, 412, ap 41
Jaguariúna - SP - Brazil

The FCM collection aims to provide 2.000 records containing pictures and scientifically and technical data about different species of bees that occur in national or foreign territory. The purpose is to make public the knowledge about behavior, biology and management of these insects, enabling the search of information, encouraging the use of this subject as a tool in education and research.

Online since: 15/10/2015
Last update: 25/08/2022

Number of records

Total: 2,000
Online: 1,142
Georeferenced: 0
(by municipality: 1,104)
With images: 1,132

Conditions for using the data

For use of data relating to this collection it is necessary to perform aknowledgment of the source. Furthermore, it is forbidden to sell the records provided here.

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Fototeca Cristiano Menezes, FCM


Cristiano Menezes
Isabela Cardoso Fontoura