Fiocruz-CEIOC - Coleção Entomológica do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz

Fiocruz - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Instituto Oswaldo Cruz - IOC;
Av. Brasil 4365 - Manguinhos, Pavilhão Mourisco - sala 202
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil

The Entomological Collection of Oswaldo Cruz Institute (CEIOC) has about 5 millions of specimens referring to almost all known extant insect orders, with emphasis on Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera and Diptera. Collections of high historical scientific importance also belong to the CEIOC, as those organized by Costa Lima and Joseph Zikán. Click on the name of the collection, on the top of the page, for further information.

Online since: 09/12/2011
Last update: 12/11/2018

Number of records

Total: 5,000,000
Online: 49,084
Georeferenced: 689
(by municipality: 28,811)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

Available in the 'Policy for the Access of Data and Information on the Biological Collections', attached to the Organization Guide for the Biological Collections of Fiocruz, which can be obtained on the <a target='_blank' href=''> Biological Collections </a> web page from Fiocruz Portal.

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Director or head of department:
José Paulo Gagliardi Leite
Jane Costa
Substitute curator:
Márcio Felix
Claudia Leal Rodrigues
Scholarship holder:
Leticia Nery Alves Santana