Fiocruz-CFAM - Coleção de Fungos da Amazônia

Fiocruz - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
ILMD - Instituto Leônidas & Maria Deane
Biodiversidade em Saúde
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz - ILMD;
Rua Terezina, 476 - Adrianópolis
Manaus - AM - Brazil

The Collection of Fungi from Amazon, CFAM, which is inserted in the Biological Collections from Institute Leonidas and Maria Deane (CBILMD), is of a great importance since it comprises strains isolated from different microbiomas in the Brazilian Amazon, region with a poorly known microbial diversity.
The most common genera in the collection are Penicillium, Aspergillus and Trichoderma, isolated from various sources such as, air, soil, water, plants, fruits, man and other animals. All cultures are identified to genus and other species level belonging to the phylum Zygomycota, Ascomycota and anamorphic fungi.
The collection consists of 834 cultures of filamentous fungi, preserved under mineral oil, in distilled water, at -20 °C and lyophilized, and is kept in quaduplicate in each method of preservation.
In addition to receiving deposits, the CFAM provides cultures under requests, besides services of isolation and identification of fungi, as well as training of students and professionals in fungal taxonomy. These requests are coming from national and international educational and/or research institutes.
CFAM is characterizing stored cultures regarding bioactives molecules of interest health and biotechnology as well as on their morphological characteristics, through projects developed by undergraduate and postgraduate students (Master and Doctorate) in the country.
The CFAM is affiliated to the World Federation for Culture Collection, WFCC, under registration number WDCM 957. Click on the name of the collection, on the top of the page, for further information.

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Available in the 'Policy for the Access of Data and Information on the Biological Collections', attached to the Organization Guide for the Biological Collections of Fiocruz, which can be obtained on the <a target='_blank' href=''> Biological Collections </a> web page from Fiocruz Portal.

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Sérgio Luiz Bessa Luz
Ormezinda C. C. Fernandes
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