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The slides collection of pollen grains of Serviço de Recursos Vegetais e Opoterápicos (SRVO) has an amount of 4600 slides belonging to approximately 1000 plant species, distributed in 650 genera and 164 botanical families. This collection receives many technical visits aiming pollen identification and contributes with numerous monographs, dissertations, theses and papers.
The study of pollen grains, spores and other microscopic palinomorphs, fossils or not, is called palynology. Melissopalinology is the specific study of pollen grains identified on honey samples with the aim of determining plant species visited by bees to produce bee prdocts. This is a valuable tool that can be used in ecological studies on pollination and on botanical origin of bee products and consulting a slides collection of pollen grains is helpful on pollen grains identification. In Brazil, and even around the world, there are few slides collection of pollen grains available for scientific community specially representing Brazil’s Cerrado flora.

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