HDELTA - Herbário Delta do Parnaíba

UFDPar - Universidade Federal do Delta do Parnaíba
Avenida São Sebastião, 2819 - Reis Velloso;
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Parnaíba - PI - Brazil

The Herbarium Delta of the Campus Ministro Reis Velloso of the Federal University of Piauí was founded in 2010 with the acronym HDELTA. This herbarium has contributed significantly to the development of studies in different areas of the region, mainly to the knowledge of the biodiversity of the delta region, which covers the coast of Piauí and Maranhão and Ceará municipalities. Currently, the collection is made up of 3,000 herbarium specimens, with a predominance of spermatophytes. The HDELTA aims at the development of botany and related sciences, aimed at expanding the knowledge of the flora, in particular the state of Piauí, through taxonomic and floristic studies in different ecosystems, supporting the conservation and integrity of Brazil's natural heritage, in line with institutional projects and programs, in addition to providing for the management and conservation of different ecosystems and vegetation cover of the catchment area; maintain exchanges with scholars of botany and related fields; finally, provide botanical information to the wider community. The HDELTA is often consulted by the academic community UFPI campus ministro Reis Velloso (undergraduate and post-graduate), researchers from research institutions (EMBRAPA), educational institutions (state and private universities, high schools and elementary) municipal governments, nongovernmental organizations, technical state and federal conservation units, as well as interested taxonomists, for various purposes, such as to identify or to confirm the taxa name´s, check the area of occurrence of the species or its use, among others.

Online since: 20/10/2015
Last update: 13/06/2024

Number of records

Total: 6,596
Online: 8,992
Georeferenced: 3,294
(by municipality: 4,138)
With images: 6,380

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