HERBAM - Herbário da Amazônia Meridional

UNEMAT - Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso
Curso de Ciências Biológicas
MT 208, km 146, s/n, Jardim Tropical Campus I;
Postal 324
Alta Floresta - MT - Brazil

Flora collection of Meridional Amazonia which includes the arc of deforestation or corridor of conservation units. It includes 10 thousands curator units. Nowadays it is the biggest collection of the Amazonian portion of Mato Grosso State.

Online since: 22/11/2012
Last update: 25/06/2019

Number of records

Total: 16,314
Online: 16,314
Georeferenced: 10,835
(by municipality: 5,414)
With images: 3,855

Conditions for using the data

Necessary to include the citation of the source.

How to cite

Not specified


Director or head of department:
Rubens Marques Rondon
Célia Regina Araújo Soares Lopes