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Rua Alexandre Guimarães, N. 1927 - Bairro Areal
Porto Velho - RO - Brazil

The Herbarium Dr. Ary Tupinambá Pena Pinheiro was founded on October 18, 2002. It is situated at the headquarters of St. Luke's College, and currently has 5664 specimens of Phanerogamic flora belonging to 127 botanical families of the Cronquist system, and there is, bryophytes, fungi and Pteridophyta.;
Currently, the herbarium has an area of about 53,62 meters.; Has a room for the collection and one to the curator, and an ante room for material
handling and emissions.;
The Herbarium also has a library with several books, Dictionary of Plants, as well as journals, books and theses different.

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