HRSN - Herbário de Referência do Sertão Nordestino

UNIVASF - Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco
Centro de Biologia Vegetal - CEBIVE
BR 407, Km 12, lote 543, Projeto de Irrigação Nilo Coelho - S/N
Petrolina - PE - Brazil

Collection with collections of plants and fungi from the Phytogeographic Domain of the Caatinga (priority). The collection has a total of 17.189 specimens, most of them are samples of Angiosperms, besides Algae, Bryophytes, Ferns and Lycophytes, in addition to some specimens of macrofungi.

Online since: 19/12/2022
Last update: 13/05/2024

Number of records

Total: 17,189
Online: 21,138
Georeferenced: 21,137
(by municipality: 1)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

Not specified

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Herbário de Referência do Sertão Nordestino - HRSN


Head curator:
Daniel Salgado Pifano
Substitute curator:
Liliane Ferreira Lima
Vinicius Messas Cotarelli