HTO - Herbário do Tocantins

UFT - Universidade Federal do Tocantins
Núcleo de Estudos Ambientais
Rua 03, Quadra 17, s/n. Setor Jardim dos Ipês
Porto Nacional - TO - Brazil

The HTO Herbarium of the Federal University of Tocantins was founded in 2003 and currently has approximately 10,000 specimens. The HTO has an important role in scientific research in Brazil, because it has been deposited important specimens of ecotonal areas (Cerrado-Amazônia, Cerrado-Pantanal and Cerrado-Caatinga), endemic (Ipucas - Araguaia Plain) and forest fragments that were extinguished by extensive cattle ranching and flooding caused by the region's hydroelectric mill.

Online since: 18/01/2019
Last update: 04/06/2024

Number of records

Total: 12,000
Online: 3,077
Georeferenced: 3,070
(by municipality: 2)
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The data provided should be used for research purposes and referenced appropriately.

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Director or head of department:
Thiago Nilton Alves Pereira
Rodney Haulien Oliveira Viana
Thaíssa Nunes Cabreira