HUNEB - Herbário da Universidade do Estado da Bahia

UNEB - Universidade do Estado da Bahia
Departamento de ciências exatas e da terra
Rodovia Alagoinhas/Salvador, BR110, Km 03
Alagoinhas - BA - Brazil

The Herbarium of the State University of Bahia (HUNEB), curated by the Department of Exact and Earth Sciences (DCET), Campus II / Alagoinhas and sub-curators based in the sub-collections located in the UNEB Campuses located in the municipalities of Caetité, Paulo Afonso and Senhor do Bonfim allocate ex situ collections, in the form of exsicatas, liquid collections and carpoteca. HUNEB presents today collections of Algae, Briophyta, Pteridophyta, and Phanerogamas, comprising approximately 25,000 specimens, of which approximately 14,600 specimens are inserted in the collection of Alagoinhas, duly classified, stored and computerized in a database (currently the data Then leased into the ACCESS software, however a new database is being created). The Curatorship of the Herbarium now has a physical structure that comprises four rooms, one of purging of the collection material, another of sorting and cooling, the computerization of data and the botanical collection, totaling both, an area of 96, 60m², With a proposed expansion of the dependencies in the near future, with the project with the low floor of the construction already referred to the central administration of UNEB. In terms of equipment, the herbarium has a microscopy structure suitable for carrying out the taxonomic studies, with five stereomicroscopes, one with a clear camera, two microscopes and a GPS. The collection has a significant relevance, since it makes possible in a specific way, the botanical research in the region of the Northern Coast of Bahia and more comprehensively in Bahia and in the Northeast region.

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Maria Rosileide Bezerra de Carvalho
Alexa Paes Coelho
Nayara Gomes Bastos
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Ana Cristina G. Moreira