HUSC - Herbário Unisanta

UNISANTA - Universidade Santa Cecília
Centro de Ciências Agrárias, Ambientais e Biológicas
Rua Oswaldo Cruz, 266 - Bloco B (sala 25) - Boqueirão
Santos - SP - Brazil

The collection has more 8,000 specimens (Briophytes, Pteridophytes, marine macroalgae and Angiosperms). The mains goal is to provide the community with services concerning to an accurate indentification of the plants, as well as, to preserve the cientific work carried out by udergraduate and post-graduate in the study areas of ecology, taxonomy and phytotherapy.
The main study area is the Atlantic Forest Biome in the coastal region of Brazil (São Paulo State), on the following ecosystems: mangroove, restinga (coastal plain forest) and dense rainflorest.
Speciality: This collection includes in particular the flora of Bertioga's restinga State Park (Parque Estadual da Restinga de Bertioga) as well as Briophytes, Pteridophytes and macroalgae from the São Paulo's Coastal Region.

Online since: 02/09/2014
Last update: 19/06/2024

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Total: 13,595
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(by municipality: 5,560)
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It's forbiden the comercialization of the database; it's necessary to cite the source in scietific publications.

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Director or head of department:
Lucia Maria Teixeira Furlani
Paulo de S. Penteado Sampaio
Zélia Rodrigues de Mello