HVASFw - Xiloteca do Herbário Vale do São Francisco

UNIVASF - Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco
Ciências Agrárias
HVASF Collection
Campus Ciências Agrárias, BR 407, km 12, lote 543
Distrito de Irrigação Senador Nilo Coelho, Zona Rural
Petrolina - PE - Brazil

The collection has almost 160 species of woody trees from Caatinga and features as an important source of reference and consultation for several taxa. The collection is also used for research, teaching and extension activities of various courses offered at local University, such as Biology, Agronomy and Pharmacy.

Online since: 12/06/2015
Last update: 30/04/2024

Number of records

Total: 436
Online: 436
Georeferenced: 429
(by municipality: 7)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

Data Marketing is forbidden, whether in its raw or processed form; The use of collection data, whether in directly or derived form, requires the collection citation.

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