ICTBIO-CEE - Coleção Ecológica de Entomologia

ICTBIO - Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia em Biodiversidade
Museu Aberto de Biodiversidade
Campina Grande do Sul - PR - Brazil

The collection has over 16,000 insect machine records, around 15,000 of which are from the Papilionoidea Superfamily, carried out mainly in Curitiba. Also part of the collection are records of other taxonomic groups that have been found in ecological relationships with insects, especially host plants of Lepidoptera.

Online since: 15/12/2021
Last update: 16/12/2021

Number of records

Total: 17,000
Online: 1,029
Georeferenced: 1,028
(by municipality: 1)
With images: 0

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Coleção Ecológica de Entomologia do Museu Aberto de Biodiversidade - ICTBIO (ictbio.org)


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Maristela Zamoner
Maristela Zamoner
Deni Lineu Schwartz Filho