KU-SEMC - Snow Entomological Museum Collection

KU - The University of Kansas
BINHM - Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum - The University of Kansas
Divisão de Entomologia
Division of Entomology;
Biodiversity Institute;
1501 Crestline Dr. suite 140;
University of Kansas;
KS 66045
Lawrence - KS - United States

SEMC (Snow Entomological Museum Collection) comprises nearly 5 million pinned insect specimens. Our strengths are Apoidea, Neotropical Coleoptera (especially Staphylinidae, Hydrophiloidea, and Chrysomoloidea), Mecoptera, and fossil insects.
We have digitized approximately 800,000 individual specimens (mostly Apoidea and Staphylinidae, Orthoptera, and various other smaller families). Data shared with the speciesLink network are of samples collected in South America.

Online since: 25/11/2015
Last update: 17/06/2024

Number of records

Total: 372,838
Online: 374,421
Georeferenced: 297,313
(by municipality: 2,952)
With images: 0

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Director or head of department:
Jennifer Thomas
Director or head of department:
Zachary Falin