LSG - Lepidópteros da Santa Genebra

FJPO - Fundação José Pedro de Oliveira
Departamento Técnico Científico
Rua Mata Atlântica, 447, Bosque de Barão
Campinas - SP - Brazil

The Santa Genebra´s Lepidoptera collection has records of 52 butterfly species occurring at the ARIE Mata de Santa Genebra (largest native forest remnant from the Campinas Metropolitan Area), which are listed in the butterfly species survey conducted by the research group of Prof. Dr. Keith Brown, for over 30 years, nowadays under the lead of Prof. Dr. André Lucci Freitas, from the Bioscience Institute of the University of Campinas - Campinas - SP - Brazil, where 702 butterfly species were identified (data not published). The collection will be fed continuously with the records made at the Conservation Unit by the José Pedro de Oliveira´s staff, unit managing body, members of the Nature Photography Program, kept by this institution, researchers and visitors.

Online since: 05/01/2021
Last update: 19/03/2021

Number of records

Total: 70
Online: 42
Georeferenced: 42
(by municipality: 0)
With images: 41

Conditions for using the data

All data and images from the collection are not allowed to be used for comercial purposes, and the credit for them must be given to the José Pedro de Oliveira´s Foundation and the record´s author.

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Lepidópteros da Santa Genebra, (LSG)


Director or head of department:
Sabrina Kelly Batista Martins
Thomaz Henrique Barrella
Cristiano Krepsky