LUSC - Herbário de Lages da Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina

UDESC - Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina
Engenharia Florestal
Lages - SC - Brazil

The Lages Herbarium of Santa Catarina State University (LUSC) was founded in 2006 and it was made institutionally official in 2011. Currently the Herbarium has around 6.100 specimens and is registered under the acronym LUSC in the Index Herbariorum. The collection contains approximately 80% of the native species from the Brazil’s southern region, primarily from Santa Catarina State, and all from the Atlantic Forest Biome. The specimens registered in the collection are from floristic surveys of wetlands (locally called “banhados”) and Ombrophilous Mixed Forest areas that occur on the Santa Catarina Plateau. The collection is intended to contribute to our knowledge of the Santa Catarina Flora.

Online since: 20/01/2014
Last update: 09/08/2021

Number of records

Total: 7,541
Online: 7,541
Georeferenced: 563
With images: 6,928

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Diretor ou chefe de dept.:
Cleimon Eduardo Amaral Dias
Roseli Lopes da Costa Bortoluzzi
Loise Monique Pereira
Adelar Mantovani
Pedro Higuchi