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The MVZ mammal collection is the fourth largest in the United States and the second largest such collection associated with a U.S. academic institution. It contains over 228,000 skin, skull, skeleton and fluid-preserved specimens. Over 33,700 are also represented by frozen or fluid preserved tissues. The collection includes 364 type specimens, making it the fourth largest collection of such specimens in the US. Karyotype (chromosome) preparations are available for ca. 4,000 rodent specimens. These consist of slides of chromosome preparations and, in some cases, black and white photos and/or 35 mm negatives of chromosome spreads. The mammal collection also houses large series of lab-raised specimens from research by Francis B. Sumner, Richard D. Sage, and William Z. Lidicker.

Online since: 27/05/2008
Last update: 26/02/2024

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Total: 20,310
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The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ) data records may be used by individual researchers or research groups, but they may not be repackaged, resold, or redistributed in any form without the express written consent of a curatorial staff member of the MVZ. If any of these records are used in an analysis or report, the provenance of the original data must be acknowledged and the MVZ notified. The MVZ and its staff are not responsible for damages, injury or loss due to the use of these data.

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