NIT - Herbário de Niterói

UFF - Universidade Federal Fluminense
Departamento de Biologia Geral
R. São João Batista, SN - Centro
Niterói - RJ - Brazil

The Herbarium of Niterói (NIT) is a local natural history collection for the municipality of Niterói (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) that houses sheets from several botanical families, as well as mounted plant tissue slides, timber, fruit and plant extract samples and ethnobotanical specimens. There are currently around 5000 deposited specimens.

Online since: 09/01/2020
Last update: 04/06/2024

Number of records

Total: 5,458
Online: 7,555
Georeferenced: 2,548
(by municipality: 3,181)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

Access, as well as usage, of data made avaliable is allowed for research and educational purposes only. Commercial use is strictly forbiden. Any product either entirely or partialy based on the data published here must cite its original source.

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Herbário de Niterói (NIT),


Director or head of department:
Saulo Cabral Bourguignon
Adriana Quintella Lobão
Andre Hoffmann