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Database contains specimen records from the Hymenoptera collection of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Leiden, Netherlands). The zoological specimens come from the National Museum of Natural History (RMNH; Rijksmuseum voor Natuurlijke Historie), later National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis in Leiden and the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMA) and new acquisitions.
The collection contains Bumblebees (Genus: Bombus) and Sweat bees (Genus: Lasioglossum) worldwide. Many bumblebee specimens come from the Vogt collection, which was acquired in 1960. Also the whole bee collection (Apidae s.l.) from the Afrotropical region has been digitized. CRIA is only integrating data that occurs in Brazil and its neighboring countries.

Online since: 29/01/2020
Last update: 01/06/2023

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Creuwels J (2020). Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Hymenoptera. Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Occurrence dataset accessed via speciesLink on year/month/day.


Luc Willemse
Jeroen Creuwels