PACA-Fungi - Herbarium Anchieta - Fungi Rickiani

IAP - Instituto Anchietano de Pesquisas
PACA Collection
Avenida Unisinos, 950 - Bloco 1E 108;
Bairro Cristo Rei
São Leopoldo - RS - Brazil

The Fungi Rickiani collection has nearly 12,000 specimens, is considered one of the largest collections of fungi from Brazil and Latin America. In it are specimens from all over the world as Johannes Rick exchange material with the five continents. Being that most of it is from Rio Grande do Sul

Online since: 19/11/2014
Last update: 19/04/2024

Number of records

Total: 11,520
Online: 11,528
Georeferenced: 1
(by municipality: 7,546)
With images: 343

Conditions for using the data

In the case of collection Rickiani Fungi do not own restrictions on the release of the data.

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Herbarium Anchieta, PACA


Director or head of department:
Pedro Ignácio Schmitz
Maria Salete Marchioretto
Marcus Vinícius Beber