RECOLNAT_MNHN_P - Coleção de plantas vasculares da América do Sul

MNHN - Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle
Paris - Île-de-France - France

The French National Herbarium holds approximately 8 million preserved specimens from around the world, particularly from France, Francophone Africa, New Caledonia, Madagascar, Southeast Asia, and French Guiana.

It also holds important historical collections, such as Tournefort, Jussieu, Lamarck, Adanson, and those of famous travelers as Bonpland, Michaud, Saint-Hilaire, Richard, D'Orbigny etc.

Data shared with speciesLink refers to material collected in South America.

Online since: 09/04/2020
Last update: 08/09/2023

Number of records

Total: 259,522
Online: 259,522
Georeferenced: 24,222
(by municipality: 21,989)
With images: 254,262

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MNHN - Museum national d'Histoire naturelle (2020). The vascular plants collection (P) at the Herbarium of the Muséum national d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN - Paris)


Serge Muller
Marc Pignal