UESPIPHB - Subcoleção Ictiológica do Campus Parnaíba da UESPI

UESPI - Universidade Estadual do Piauí
UESPI-PHB - Universidade Estadual do Piauí - Campus Parnaíba
Curso de Ciências Biológicas
Av. Nossa Sra. de Fátima, S/N. - Bairro de Fátima
Parnaíba - PI - Brazil

The sub collection of fish Parnaíba Campus UESPI (UESPIPHB) has a collection that includes mostly freshwater species collected in the lower course of the river Parnaíba. Collections were carried out mainly through search project sponsored by Fundaçã de Amparo a Pesquida do Estado do Piaui in the cities of Teresina, Good Time, Bar, Buriti dos Lopes, Porto and Parnaíba. In addition, the collection includes marine and estuarine representatives collected in the Parnaíba Delta region. All collected material is stored in 70% alcohol. Large specimens are in plastic drums of 50 liters. Most, however, consists of small and medium-size specimens and in glass bottles. Its material has been the basis for the development of scientific projects (PIBIC) and specialization broad sense. Its maintenance has enjoyed the support of an effective professor and undergraduate and specialization students.

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