UFMT-A - Coleção Zoológica da UFMT- Setor Herpetologia-Amphibia

UFMT - Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso
Instituto de Biologia, Departamento de Biologia e Zoologia
Av. Fernando Correa, 2367 Bairro Boa Esperança
Cuiabá - MT - Brazil

The Herpetological Sector of the UFMT Zoological Collection (Herpetological-Reptilia Collection, UFMT-A), a regional collection, is represented by more than 13.000 specimens of over 186 species and includes an important reptiles filing from Mato Grosso. The UFMT-A collection is heterogeneous and contains specimens from different regions of the state with representative sample of the Cerrado, Pantanal e Amazon biome.

Online since: 29/05/2012
Last update: 04/09/2012

Number of records

Total: 10,541
Online: 10,541
Georeferenced: 10,354
(by municipality: 2)
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Conditions for using the data

The data must not be used to commercial purposes. The information of the database of the Herpetological-Amphibia Sector of the UFMT Zoological Collection (CZUFMT-A) should be used strictly for educational, scientific and environmental management, and assigned to the CZUFMT-A, along with the citation of the collection and their respective acronym (UFMT-A). The CZUFMT aims to maintain and provide the database of the collection with maximal accuracy. However, it gives no warranty regarding the reliability, completeness and information updating contained on these bases. The user must check the data before using them for any purpose mentioned above.

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