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The Herbarium of the State of West Parana was created in August 1996 by Doctor Bartolomeu Tavares, aiming to contribute to the knowledge of undergraduate studentes. It is one of the few herbaria in the region west of the state whose primary role is the maintenance of a comprehensive collection of regional flora. Samples of vascular are collected, pressed, cooled to an oven at 70 C forced air circulation for 2 or 3 days. Subsequentely, the plants undergo a heat shock freezer after three days are taken to the grenhouse for another day. After this process, samples are prepared according to usual techniques herborization, for the manufacture of dried specimens. The collection is kept in controlled temperature and humidity. The algae are collected using plankton nets and after the registration of the herbarium species these are stored in liquid using Transeau solution. Currently, the herbarium species has 8122 registered, bringing together mainly representatives of Charophyta, Chlorophta, Bacillariophyta between angiosperms and there are the families Araceae, Bignoniaceae, fabaceae, Myrtaceae, Poace and Solanaceae. The herbarium is registered in the Brazilian Network of herbaria and the collection is being computerized system with BRAHMS (Botanical Research and Herbarium managemet System), in order to provide the database for researches from other institutions and contribute to broader projects.

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