UNT - Coleção de Peixes do Laboratório de Ictiologia Sistemática da Universidade Federal do Tocantins

UFT - Universidade Federal do Tocantins
Ciências Biológicas
UFT, Campus de Porto Nacional;
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The “Coleção de Peixes do Laboratório de Ictiologia Sistemática da Universidade Federal do Tocantins (UNT)” aims primarily scientific research. The collection is a testimony repository of scientific publications of several areas of biological sciences, and has as main goal to serve as a rich source of material to specialists for description of new species, taxonomic revisions, biogeographical analysis, environmental management, conservation, and bioprospection. The collection (UNT) holds almost 12000 lots of catalogued fishes preserved in alcohol, representing almost 3000 localities of the Neotropical region, primarily from the Tocantins basin. It also holds a type collection with 590 paratypes from 105 lots. The Excel software is currently in use for the collection management. However, the Excel software will shortly be replaced by Specify 6.0 software. Small samples are preserved in 3,5 liters jars, whereas large specimens are preserved in drums (50 liters) or large sealed tanks (1000 liters).The collection also has the largest freshwater stingrays samples of the world, with hundreds of specimens from upper and middle reaches of the Tocantins basin.

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