ZUEC-PIC - Coleção de Fotos do Museu de Zoologia da UNICAMP

UNICAMP - Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Museu de Zoologia
Campinas - SP - Brazil

The Photo Collection features photos of animals collected and deposited in museums, especially in the Museum of Zoology of Unicamp, for the purpose of scientific dissemination and to facilitate processes associated with the curation of specimen collections.

Online since: 13/01/2021
Last update: 13/01/2021

Number of records

Total: 402
Online: 304
Georeferenced: 240
(by municipality: 47)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

For downloading our Photos it is necessary to request it in a specific form (www.ib.unicamp.br/fnjv/ - Services - Requests) and to have the curator's permission. Those files must not be reproduced or utilized without the FNJV's authorization.

How to cite

Coleção de Fotos do Museu de Zoologia da UNICAMP, (ZUEC-PIC)


Diretor ou chefe de dept.:
Antonia Cecilia Zacagnini Amaral
Luís Felipe Toledo
Biólogo responsável:
Simone Dena