How to join

To become a speciesLink data provider you need to fill in a form with data about your collection and institution, and then send it to CRIA. You also need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize a technical cooperation agreement between the parties.

CRIA will then undertake the following tasks:

  • Register the new collection in our management system according to the form provided;
  • Check the local system, database or spreadsheet used by the new collection for compatibility with the DarwinCore data standard;
  • If needed, install and configure a software called spLinker which will allow data to be uploaded to speciesLink;
  • Help making any necessary adjustments together with the curator;
  • Test the initial data transfer;
  • Demonstrate how to use the available tools.

The cost of integrating new data is calculated case-by-case depending on the amount of work involved and travel expenses, when necessary. If there is no specific project that can cover such cost, both parts will commit to seek external funding, as CRIA depends on financial resources to operate.

So the initial steps are: