Statistics of data usage

When speciesLink’s new search interface was launched in October 2012 by one of Brazil’s National Institutes of Science and Technology – The Virtual Herbarium of Plants and Fungi (INCT-HVFF, acronym in Portuguese) – a richer set of data access records started to be logged. Thanks to the support of CNPq to INCT-HVFF, this new tool was developed on top of the new log to analyze speciesLink’s data usage. Users can assess data usage for the whole network, for a specific group of collections or for individual collections in real time. Users can also check out system usage for a specific year, month or day.

This is a quantitative analysis, but shows the impact of open data sharing. Only data that is being accessed through the search interface is shown. This tool does not consider data that are being accessed through our web services such as by Brazilian Flora 2020 or that are being served to other systems such as SiBBr and GBIF.