CIAMT - Coleção de Invertebrados Aquáticos da UFMT

UFMT - Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso
Departamento de Biologia e Zoologia
Av. Fernando Correa da Costa 2367, Boa Esperança
Cuiabá - MT - Brazil

The collection of Aquatic Invertebrates from the Institute of Biosciences of the UFMT is providing data for Aquatic Ecoregion Project Paraguay-Pantanal, where in 1735 lots are deposited totaling 128,312 individuals. This collection comprises 762 lots of Mollusca with a total of 25,260 specimens identified to the species level; 245 lots of the Odonata with 292 specimens identified at genus/morphospecies, 203 lots of Trichoptera with 3526 samples identified at genus/morphospecies , 119 lots of Ephemeroptera with 16,637 individuals identified at family level, 17 lots of Plecoptera with 424 individuals identified at the family level; 135 lots of Coleoptera with 18,978 identified at the family level, 64 Hemiptera with 349 individuals identified at family level; 11 lots of Megaloptera with 27 individuals identified at family level; Lepdoptera 25 lots with 394 individuals at the level of the order Diptera and 154 lots of 62,425 individuals identified at family and subfamily. The identification of Mollusca, Odonata and Trichoptera were validated by experts. Information related to the location georeferenced, date of collection, sampling effort, abundance and density, shape file and other observations related to each record can be obtained upon request and authorization.

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Marcos André de Carvalho
Claudia Tasso Callil