CMPHRM - Coleção Malacológica Prof. Henry Ramos Matthews Série B

UFC - Universidade Federal do Ceará
Departamento de Biologia
Universidade Federal do Ceará - Campus do Pici;
Departamento de Biologia - Bloco 909
Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

The Coleção Malacológica Prof. Henry Ramos Matthews has representatives of the class Gastropoda, Cephalopoda, Bivalvia, Scaphopoda, Caudofoveata and Polyplacophora, coming mainly from the Northeast region, including land, marine, estuarine and limnic animals. The collection has a size of 7000 lots, having a large relevance for being one of the largest in northeastern Brazil. The collection is divided into two series, designated Série A and Série B.

Online since: 12/06/2012
Last update: 23/10/2018

Number of records

Total: 7,000
Online: 6,190
Georeferenced: 0
(by municipality: 4,004)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

CMPHRM Series B records are available for use, provided that the following conditions are obeyed: any use of the data records in analyzes or reports must be acknowledged, with due indication of origin of the original data, and responsible for the CMPHRM Series B must be notified; the data, even partial, cannot be redistributed without explicit written permission of the person responsible for the collection. A copy of any publication in which data are cited must be sent to CMPHRM Series B. Researchers and their institutions are responsible for the proper use of data.

How to cite

CMPHRM Series B.


Director or head of department:
Paulo Cascon
Cristina de Almeida Rocha Barreira
Helena Matthews Cascon
Soraya Guimarães Rabay
Alisson Sousa Matos