CVRD - Herbário da Reserva Natural Vale

VALE - Reserva Natural Vale
Departamento de Meio Ambiente
Herbário CVRD, Reserva Natural Vale, Meio Ambiente;
BR 101, km 122, s/n. Caixa Postal 91
Linhares - ES - Brazil

The herbarium of Vale’s Natural Reserve was registered in the Index Herbariorum in 1979 and published in The Herbaria of the World, in 1981, being internationally recognized as CVRD. Collecting activities in the reserve began in 1963 and became a systemized activity as of 1978 when research on the flora of the area were intensified. Since then, knowledge about the local flora is continuously increasing and includes the discovery of new species.

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Herbário CVRD - Reserva Natural Vale


Director or head of department:
Márcio Elias dos Santos Ferreira
Geovane Souza Siqueira