HURG - Herbário Universidade do Rio Grande

FURG - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
Instituto de Ciências Biológicas
Av. Itália km8 S/N, bairro Carreiros
Rio Grande - RS - Brazil

The Herbarium of the University of Rio Grande (HURG) began its activities with the aim of maintaining a collection and record of specimens from teaching and research activities involving the subtropical flora of Brazil, especially in the far south. The HURG collection has been on the "Index herbariorum" since 1982. The Herbarium documents and includes in its collection specimens of vascular and avascular plants, fungi, macroalgae and an attached collection of microalgae (not yet catalogued in the official collection), as well as typus specimens. The archaeobotanical collection was added in 2023. The collection has around 8,500 records, catalogued and with a computerized database using BRAHMS software. However, there is a large volume of material awaiting herborization and/or registration. HURG is a member of the Brazilian Herbarium Network (RBH) and thus maintains exchanges with various herbaria in Brazil. In addition, it receives researchers "in loco" to study specimens from the collection, and maintains various activities that involve teaching and extension, such as didactic activities, courses, workshops, traveling exhibitions and assistance to the public and
visitors. The Herbarium is located in block V of FURG's Institute of Biological Sciences, but its collection is being prepared for transfer to FURG's Subtropical Biodiversity Center (CBS).

Online since: 15/05/2024
Last update: 01/06/2024

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Director or head of department:
Daniel Loebmann
Sonia Marisa Hefler
Caroline Igansi