HyMB - Coleção de Hymenoptera do Museu de Biodiversidade da UFGD

UFGD - Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados
Rodovia Dourados, Itahum km 12 -Cidade Universitária
Dourados - MS - Brazil

The collection started in 2004 and contains specimens of ants, bees and wasps from the Cerrado, Pantanal, Chaco and Mata Atlântica biomes, with about 10,000 individuals deposited; It is the main reference collection for the group in the Brazilian Midwestern.

Online since: 29/03/2019
Last update: 02/09/2021

Number of records

Total: 10,000
Online: 3,404
Georeferenced: 2,251
(by municipality: 2)
With images: 31

Conditions for using the data

The data can be use provided that dully cited.

How to cite

Not specified


Director or head of department:
Gisele Jane de Jesus
Rogerio Silvestre