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UNIVILLE - Universidade da Região de Joinville
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Joinville - SC - Brazil

The Joinvillea Herbarium, whose name was given in tribute to Joinville city and to the Joinvillea genus, was built in 2003 with the aim of documenting the local and regional flora, as well as the neighboring states. It is integrated with the Botanical Garden of UNIVILLE, and vinculated to the following courses: Biological Sciences, Pharmacy and Environmental Engineering. Also, its collection is composed of more than 12.000 exsiccates in the database, mainly of Atlantic Rainforest plants, Restinga and Mangrove. The collection counts with Angiosperms (the largest group), Gimnosperms, Pteridophytes, Bryophytes and Lichens. Among the botanical families possessed by the Herbarium, the most frequent are: Asteraceae, Bromeliaceae, Fabaceae, Lauraceae, Melastomataceae, Myrtaceae, Orquidaceae e Rubiaceae.

Online since: 31/01/2013
Last update: 18/11/2022

Number of records

Total: 15,992
Online: 17,823
Georeferenced: 4,098
(by municipality: 13,246)
With images: 8,626

Conditions for using the data

The provided data should be utilized for educational and scientific purposes, as well as for scientific propagation and public management. The data should not be used for comercial purposes. The source must appears in every quote and publication, and the JOI Herbarium should be informed whenever possible.

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Herbário Joinvillea, UNIVILLE


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Paulo Ivo Koehntopp
Cynthia Hering-Rinnert
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Karin Esemann-Quadros