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The Scientific Collection of scorpions of the Natural History Museum of the Federal University of Bahia (MHNBA) had its first record in October 1982 by a scorpion specimen (Bothriurus asper) collected in the Ecological Station of Raso da Catarina, Jeremoabo county, Bahia. Since then, the collection had a significant increase. Currently, it has about 4,000 specimens. Among them, 3 families, 10 genera and 42 species. They came from catches made by teams involved in scientific research projects and/or donated by the local community. Their data are contained in a special book collection, major of them are informatized in Excel database. The collection also includes animals from other parts of Brazil, most of the Northeast region, and from other countries like scorpions specimens from Uruguay. In addition, there are also a paratype used in the description of Tityus aba, an endemic species of Bahia.

Online since: 22/10/2019
Last update: 19/01/2024

Number of records

Total: 3,398
Online: 3,575
Georeferenced: 2,231
(by municipality: 1,201)
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Coleção Científica de Escorpiões do Museu de História Natural da Universidade Federal da Bahia, UFBA-ESC


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Francisco Kelmo Oliveira dos Santos
Tania Kobler Brazil
Micheli Ferreira Fonseca