ZEE_AMPH - Zoneamento Ecológico Econômico do Acre - Amphibia

SEMA-AC - Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente do Acre
Departamento de Áreas Protegidas e Biodiversidade
Rua Benjamin Constant, 856, Centro
Rio Branco - AC - Brazil

Main Taxonomic Groups survey to establish Acre State's Ecological and Economic Zoning.

Online since: 08/03/2010
Last update: 08/03/2010

Number of records

Total: 1,340
Online: 1,340
Georeferenced: 634
(by municipality: 701)
With images: 0

Conditions for using the data

The data must not be used to commercial purposes only for studies, education and research purposes. The data may not bepublished without Acre State Environment Agency or Acre State Government prior written consent, except to small excerpts for illustrative purposes eversince the authorship is acknowledged.Environment Acre State Agency makes all effort to minimize errors in data entry however we cannot guarantee that our database is free of typos,identification errors or inaccuracy. Please use the information with caution.

How to cite

Acre, Acre State Government, Acre States Ecological and Economic Zoning Program. Faunistic and Floristic data survey ofAcre State - a scale of 1:250.000. Rio Branco: Acre State Environment Agency, 2006


Sara Maria Viana Melo